Craig’s Musings is my (Craig Vitter) personal blog in which I spout off about whatever happens to be on my mind when the mood to peck away at the keyboard strikes. Some of my favorite topics for pontification include (in no particular order): open data initiatives, politics, television, software development, business intelligence, gadgets, photography, auto racing, food, and the meaning of life.


  • The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone and do not reflect the opinion of any other sane person or organization on this planet.
  • Nothing I say here should be taken to be professional advice. I am not a doctor, lawyer, politician, cook, race car driver, astronaut, geologist, oceanographer, civil engineer, commercial pilot, police officer, submariner, or practioner of any other nobel profession whom should be sought ought for advice or specific expertise in matters of life or death.
  • If you wish to quote me (either in or out of context) or borrow from this blog you are welcome to do so as long as you provide proper credit/blame for the material borrowed including a link to the source.
  • I welcome comments however I also reserve the right to edit and/or delete them as I see fit.

Note: You can also find me online at www.vitter.com.

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