The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum

Untitled, a photo by Craig.Vitter on Flickr.

I visited The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller
Folk Art Museum in Williamsburg, VA today with the family and was absolutely floored by the collection. I am normally not a big fan of folk art but in this case the collection of works combined with the presentation of the works was really impressive. Here is an example of a Marine Carving from the Sidewalks to Rooftops: Outdoor Folk Art gallery.


MongoDC 2013

I am pretty excited to announce that I will be speaking at this year’s MongoDC March 11th. This will be my third year attending MongoDC and my 2nd year as a speaker. My presentation this time is tentatively titled Visualizing MongoDB Objects in Concept and Practice and will cover Open Source tools and technologies for visualizing data using JSON and JavaScript. Hopefully it will be both entertaining and educational.

More information on MongoDC 2013 can be found here:


Belle Isle State Park

Untitled by Craig.Vitter
Untitled, a photo by Craig.Vitter on Flickr.

Beautiful afternoon for a walk along the river at Belle Isle State Park (

New Wolf Hammock

Yesterday I received my brand new Northwoods Hammock Co.’s Wolf Hammock in the mail. I am completely new to the world of hammock camping so I find the Wolf Hammock (seen below hanging in our back yard this afternoon) to be amazing.

Northwoods Hammock Co.’s Wolf Hammock

The whole package weighs in at a super light 20.9 ounces (hammock, integrated bug net, whoopie slings, tree straps, ridge line organizer, and stuff sack). I added 2.6 ounces to the package by using two Black Diamond Neutrino carabiners to hook the whoopie slings to the tree straps (since I am not a master of the art of tying knots). Totaled up that is 23.5 ounces (or just a hair under 1.5 pounds) for a super comfy shelter that packs down into a space of roughly 5 by 8 inches with almost zero effort.

Next step in my preparation for hitting the trails this year is rigging up my new tarp for protection from the elements.

Hiking in the Snow

Untitled by Craig.Vitter
Untitled, a photo by Craig.Vitter on Flickr.

Yesterday my daughter, dog, and I took a very pleasant walk through the woods and down to the Potomac river at Caledon State Park ( in King George, VA. The park was blanketed in roughly two inches of crunchy snow that was beautiful and made a great sound as we walked. Considering we didn’t pass as single other person on the trail I think the snow also kept the hordes away which allowed us to enjoy the pleasant sounds of birds signing, snow crunching, and waves lapping along the beach. I don’t like cold weather very much but hiking in the snow has some definite pluses!

Blowing Rocks Preserve, Jupiter Island, FL

Leesylvania Park in the Fog

Untitled by Craig.Vitter
Untitled, a photo by Craig.Vitter on Flickr.

Note: Wow, I haven’t posted anything to my blog in over a year and I posted this image from my Flickr account just as a test of different ways you can share photos from Flickr. I would never have guessed that so many people would see it much less click on the Like button. Thanks for all of the likes!