Recently I rediscovered the simple pleasure of having a finally brewed beer or two in the evening. Since I have a low tolerance (I am a cheap date) my goal is to focus on quality over quantity. With that in mind I have been  working my way through a variety of craft beers from breweries across America. Below is a list of some of the breweries and their beers that have made it to my “favorites” list.

Note: I am listing the breweries in alphabetical order not in any order of preference and including a link to the Beer Advocate Score for reference. The beers at the top of my favorites list are noted with bold lettering.

Avery Brewing (

– Ellie’s Brown Ale (BA Score 88)

Bell’s Beer (

– Best Brown Ale (BA Score 86)
Two Hearted Ale (BA Score 95)

Great Lakes Brewing Company (

Edmund Fitzgerald Porter (BA Score 95)

New Belgium Brewing (

– 1554 Enlightened Black Ale (BA Score 87)

Smuttynose Brewing Co. (

– Old Brown Dog Ale (BA Score 88)


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