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Belle Isle State Park

Untitled by Craig.Vitter
Untitled, a photo by Craig.Vitter on Flickr.

Beautiful afternoon for a walk along the river at Belle Isle State Park (

New Wolf Hammock

Yesterday I received my brand new Northwoods Hammock Co.’s Wolf Hammock in the mail. I am completely new to the world of hammock camping so I find the Wolf Hammock (seen below hanging in our back yard this afternoon) to be amazing.

Northwoods Hammock Co.’s Wolf Hammock

The whole package weighs in at a super light 20.9 ounces (hammock, integrated bug net, whoopie slings, tree straps, ridge line organizer, and stuff sack). I added 2.6 ounces to the package by using two Black Diamond Neutrino carabiners to hook the whoopie slings to the tree straps (since I am not a master of the art of tying knots). Totaled up that is 23.5 ounces (or just a hair under 1.5 pounds) for a super comfy shelter that packs down into a space of roughly 5 by 8 inches with almost zero effort.

Next step in my preparation for hitting the trails this year is rigging up my new tarp for protection from the elements.