MetroMinder Update

MetroMinder is a Web based application that I started as part of my initial efforts to learn PHP.  The current iteration of MetroMinder has the following features:

  • Lists all Metro stations by line based on user select (Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow);
  • Provides real time arrival estimates for trains at user selectable stations;
  • Provides a link to Google maps based location information for each station;
  • Lists Metro Rail Service alerts.

The application gets its data from the Metro Transparent Data Sets API (using the RESTful services) and the Metrorail Service Disruptions RSS feed.

Today I finished making some tweaks to the layout to optimize the display on my Motorola Droid (the target platform is smart phones like the Droid). The one area of the design that I am not happy about is the graphic I created from the Stations function (see screenshot below).

MetroMinder Screenshot

If you have the time to check out MetroMinder I would appreciate any feedback you might have or offers of assistance in the form of a better station graphic.

2 responses to “MetroMinder Update

  1. Very nice, now you just need to make it a Mobile app so it will be useful. No one uses the browsers on their phones anymore.

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